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Jon Paul Studios - Home of Romance Novel Book Cover Artist Jon Paul

Jon Paul is one of the most talented Romance Novel Cover Painters in the Romance Novel Publishing Industry. Being a Romance Book Cover Artist for over twenty-five years the romantic artwork paintings of romance cover artist Jon Paul have appeared regularly in hardcover and paperback books issued by the Industry's leading houses: Harlequin, Harper Collins, Kensington, Berkley, Warner, Penguin, among others.

As a romance novel book cover illustrator Jon Paul has worked with some of the most notable models in the industry, to name a few, John DeSalvo, CJ Hollenbach. Mike Dale, Massimo, Maria DiAngelis, Colleen Gruber and many others. He also painted a portrait of Fabio that appeared on the NASDAQ Digital Billboard for St. Valentine's Day.

Jon Paul is most recognized for his Historical Romance Novel Covers, though these days he splits a lot of his time doing other categories including Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Mystery novels.

Being a painter of Romance Novel Book Covers for more then a quarter of a century Jon Paul has just realized a new book "Jon Pau: The Art of Romance" available for online purchase now" which features some of his most notable romance covers.

The Romance Novel Art of Jon Paul, where reality and fantasy become one.